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6 1 2015
SF exists 15 years.
We have come a long way. We have seen the rize and fall of Flash. And the rize of Wordpress theme's.
To be honest we don't like them. In my humbly opinion Wordpress theme's single handedly eliminated most of the creativity on the web. But luckily it still exists. A lot of those sites you will find here.

Happy new year.
posted by: Miss M.

8 5 2014
We still build things the way machines read them - not the way we intuit them. Jeet allows you to express your page grid the same way a human would describe it. No more needlessly nesting elements. No more rigid twelve column rules. Enjoy building faster with less code, and more flexibility with Jeet.
posted by: miss M.

16 1 2014
Salone del Designer platform is a unique online platform where award winning product designs, architecture concepts, and packaging design ideas could be bought.
posted by: miss M.

16 1 2014
CoolWhisper is a Website that aggregates Fashion, Lifestyle and Art blogs, a recognized type of journalism practiced on the internet, whose contents are conveyed free of charge to the public
posted by: miss M.

6 1 2014
AnimatedVideos offers people an easy way to find amazing animated videos and connect with the companies that made them.
posted by: Miss M.

17 10 2013
Model maker and photographer Michael Paul Smith has expertly combined his two crafts to create a series of images that make his intricate model cars look like life-sized vehicles on the road. The result is just amazing.
posted by: miss M.

1 4 2013
Portfolio of Diego Vencato focuses is on the product design projects and the concept behind them.
posted by: miss M.

18 1 2013
Sharing unconventional wisdom with dumb people for common good.
posted by: miss M.

24 12 2012
Some old time favorites..

posted by: Miss M.

24 12 2012
Portfolio of Maurits Lagerweij.
posted by: miss M.

24 12 2012
Just a little personal something where I share thoughts, ideas and work from Romeo Umulisa.
posted by: miss M.

25 8 2012
We have removed 250 dead links and outdated sites. Enjoy!
posted by: strangefruits team

24 8 2012
Artsnapper is a iPhone app, a visual guide enabling you to discover, review and recommend art, while learning about your taste in art.
posted by: miss M.

17 8 2012
Interesting. The psychology of logo design.
posted by: miss M.

15 8 2012
AAN (Art Amsterdam North) a three-day exhibition 21, 22 and 23 September 2012.
The opening is on Friday 21 September 17.00 - 20.00.

The title AAN (Art Amsterdam Noord) refers to Art Amsterdam, that should take place at that same time. Unfortunately Art Amsterdam has been canceled. But we do go on! .. with a short, powerful exhibition without budget but with passion and quality.

Participating artists: Anne van As, Barbara Wijnveld, C.A. Wertheim, Daniel Levi, Doreen Wittenbols, Karin Bos, Florine van de Klashorst, Henk van den Bosch, Jurriaan Molenaar, Kees van Scherpenzeel, Lillian Eliens, Maurice Braspenning, Muriel le Pair, Oscar Lourens, Renata de Andrade, Rob Regeer, Roosmarijn Schoonewelle
posted by: miss M.

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