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Rit Mishra
age: 26
country: India
exposed: January 2007
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Please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself and your background.
Born and brought up in India, presently based in Milan, Italy. By profession I am an Interaction and Communication Designer. I have got two Masters in New Media and Interaction Design, respectively from National Institute of Design, India and Interaction Design Institute Ivrea + Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. My interest is at the crossroads of Art, Design and Technology and in most of my personal and professional work I seek for these cross-sections.
I started indulging myself in photography when I got my first SLR NIKON F70 back in 1999. I planned to unfold my curiosity and desire to travel to Ladakh in Northern India sandwiched between the Karakoram mountain range to the north and the Himalayas to the south. This was my first dream photography adventure that pulled me thoroughly to use photography as a strong medium for self-expression as well as documenting experiences. Since then I have used photography as a strong medium in all my personal and professional projects.

What’s the central theme of your work?
“Life dictating Emotions” and “Emotions dictating Life”.

What makes a good picture in your eyes?
It should speak thousand words. It should mesmerize the viewer in a way that he/she should experience the moment when it was been captured.

Where do you consider a photograph to be created? When it’s shot or when it’s processed?
I think you can only enhance certain aspects of the photograph while processing but the core essence of the moment is created only when it was shot.

What ability are you currently missing in your equipment, camera or the software you work with?
I am surely missing loads of equipments and have a big list for shopping. At the moment I am using Nikon SLR and mostly Canon 350D (Digital SLR) and a standard zoom lenses (EF 24-70mm). But in coming months I am planning for 70-300 and speed light flash.
As far as software is concerned, I try not to manipulate my digital photographs and to present as realistic as possible.

In what way do you use the Internet? What role does the computer play in your work?
I think today technology can’t be avoided, from the picture you took to the final processing. A decade back, I could have never imagined “StangeFuit” inviting me to present my work, but today because of seamlessly growing Internet presence I have an opportunity to extend my audiences from local to global just because technology could facilitate these kinds of platforms. I use Internet extensively for presenting my work, for communication and Informing myself about Art, Design and Technology.

What means or ways do you use to show your work to the (outside) world?
I extensively use Internet capabilities in order to showcase my works to reach to larger audience. I have my website that features some of my Interaction Design and Photography works. But I very much like showcasing in galleries and events where I seek for a direct feedback and criticism of my work from audiences. This facilitates learning by understanding from people for whom my work is been created.

Pixel or Grain?
Very much Pixel, but little bit grain too… ;-)

Concept or Moment?
I think its tough for me to pick one of them as both go back to back. It also depends on the broader framework of the project that can dictate either concept or moment or a right mix of both.
But till now most of my work is inclined towards Moment.

The thin line between art & design is sometimes hard to define. Do you consider you work to be art or design? Why?
My approach towards photography is more of Art than Design. Till now I have used this media for self-expression.

If you had an unlimited budget and all the time you needed. What would you do?
I would design a “time machine”

What inspires you?
A good piece of my work and little bit of positive critic.

How do to you keep your knowledge up to date? Do you spread your knowledge at universities, conferences or workshops and so on?
People, Magazines, Books, Internet and Events are the main source for knowledge updates. In future, for sure I will try to involve myself in spreading my knowledge at various levels through workshops and conferences.

Who is your favorite artist/photographer? Why?
I am inspired by photography masters like Steve McCurry and Frank Plicka.
Frank Plicka’s candid black and white photography and Mc curries moment captures are mesmerizing.

Which project or website would you like to have made, or make?
I wish I could have realized my idea of a Video Blogging before Youtube. :(

Final words?
Just shoot ?>